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Remote Project Management, Monitoring And Intervention - The Future.

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Ongoing consistent management, monitoring and corrective intervention (i.e., course correction) are crucial components of project management and in the successful execution of all business plans. But in a telecommuting, global economy with a widely-dispersed workforce, undertaking these processes remotely has become increasingly important. Communications and coordination systems have to be created and fine-tuned in order to meet the growing needs of business.

The configuration of project management teams logistically, culturally and temporally have increasingly made the tasks of planning, implementation and management a struggling and juggling exercise between centralizing and de-centralizing processes.

The following whitepaper download is made available through TechRepublic publications. The good news is that these downloads are almost filled with terrific information. The bad news is that you have to fill out several slightly annoying forms to access the free downloads. Simply put, they offer great information in exchange for data-mining and demographic/ psychographic disclosure. Douglas E. Castle does not have an investment interest in TR. Further, I do not necessarily endorse their ideas, suggestions, philosophies, publications, products or services. Having dumped that disclaimer upon you, I do enjoy their information and offerings:

Remote Monitoring and Management Made Simple, Scalable and Affordable
Webcast The first step towards implementing a remote monitoring and management system is understanding why you should implement. The second step is to look around and see what options are out there for RMM tools. The third is to pick one that suits your needs and you're comfortable using. This video takes some of the work out it. Watch it now to learn more about RMM tools and how one company has chosen to go about it.
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In times to come, it will become increasingly important to manage, monitor and intervene remotely, as well as to perform these same functions from multiple locations and managerial focal points. Communication and coordination must be efficient and timely, and the technologies to facilitate these directives are evolving at an accelerating pace.

In fact, the development of the tools and systems to effectuate rapid communication and coordination of team efforts are becoming a field as big as project management itself.

On our part, we'll do our very best to keep you up to date.

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Note: It is interesting (and somewhat disappointing) to note the lack of articles readily accessible pertaining directly to the topic of remote project management, monitoring and intervention. It would seem that either the topic is seen to be "implicit" (which generally means unaddressed and not taken seriously enough) or too simple to warrant consideration, or that (hopefully) we are on to something very significant at the outset. Using the search term "remote", you are most likely to find articles about medical devices used in cardiology, mobile phone applications and technologies, computer viruses destroying physical facilities, or military drones gone astray.

Perhaps this also speaks to our current social and intellectual priorities and concerns, where the term remote is either followed by "control" or "destruction" instead of "management." - DC

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