Thursday, December 8, 2011

Project Management Hut| Indispensable Tool.

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Project Management Professionals are constantly mining the web for highly concentrated veins of technical, employment and educational resources. Project Management Hut ( is the answer to your prayers. Put down your pickaxes, shovels, blocks and tackles. PM Hut is an amazing, holistic, interactive site which posts materials provided by a variety of experts on virtually every area of Project Management.

I am honored to have had several of my articles included in their vast resource collection. What sets them apart from most of the highly vertical "programming-oriented" sites is multidimensional view of project management. More than dry dissertations on using Agile, Scrum, SWOT and a host of insider acronyms, the site looks at PM as a complete business involving not only technology, but organizational, planning and interpersonal (managerial) considerations.

I highly recommend visiting the site and making it a favorite. In fact, you might want to do what I have done - put a permanent hyperlink on your site to PM Hut. It will add significant value to all of your readers' experience.

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