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Top 5 SEO Tools - Free!

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Every business needs an internet presence in the form of a well-crafted website, and, for even better perceived authority and thought leadership [and with the benefit of more client interaction], one or more blogs with frequent, interesting postings (articles) are a proven path.

The best, easiest-to-use and most highly effective website or blog SEO tools are a must to make use of, and they are all available for free. I recommend them to clients, and I use them myself. The objective of good SEO is to attract the largest possible audience to your site, and to have each visitor stay for the longest possible time; this increases the likelihood of sales (of products or services), subscriptions and the development of a following, in the form of a list.

Your SEO must be structured in such a way that your site will not be deemed a 'spam site' or that it will lose its positioning and ranking with every change in Google's or Bing's search engine algorithms. Your SEO must be visitor-oriented, and as organic as possible if you want to survive and thrive while other contrived or 'black hat' - built sites are either suspended or fall down the ranking ladder.

Here are the 5 best tools for building SEO:

These first tools appear here courtesy of Scrub The Web, on of my favorite resources for both blog site building and for website improvement.

Free Meta Tag Analyzer - See what search engines think about your web page. The Meta Tag Analyzer will analyze, check for errors and calculate the search engine visibility score of any web page.

Free Meta Tag Builder - Our Meta Tag Builder can help you create search engine friendly titles and meta tags for all your web pages. Google, Bing, Scrub The Web and others are looking for these tags when they visit your web pages.

Free Easy Submit - Submit all your web pages to search engines the easy way! With Easy Submit all you do is click and watch the submission in real-time.

HubSpot's Free Website Review Tool: The Marketing Grader - This is one of the best SEO analysis tools I've ever used. It analyzes any given page on the internet, grades the page in terms of SEO viability, points out the specific areas that could use improvement, and suggests the improvements to be implemented. A good routine is to use the tool, get the results, implement the suggested changes and run the page through the tool again to see how effective your changes have been...or if they have compromised other SEO advantages and need to be refined. It displays results simply and makes easy-to-understand suggestions for improvement.

Submit Your url To High-Ranking (PR6 - PR9) Directories: CLICK HERE - This is a good supplement to create some credible (but usually short-lived) back links from these information resources to your blog or website. The best approach is to choose the highest ranking directories and submit to them monthly (repetitively), and to add some new, lower-ranking directories to your list of submissions, as well.

Now that I've given you the tools, enjoy them, and build something to make me proud!

As always, thank you so much for reading me, and for sharing my articles with all of your connections, comrades and colleagues through your ever-expanding list of social media platforms, portals and sites.

Douglas E. Castle

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