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How IT Will Affect Your Business - Selected Whitepapers (Free) Regarding Information Technologies.

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Information technology (IT) is evolving every moment, and every company and every project across all industry sectors will have to: 1) become educated about the nature of the changing IT landscape and monitor the trends to which it is subject, and 2) make the necessary adaptations and modifications in technological, process and security protocol in order to keep pace with this real-word, real-time example of Moore's Law in action.

This is also going to influence your budget, your critical path planning and monitoring processes and the nature of the professional staff (especially in terms of their technological skill sets, problem-solving abilities, and native intelligence) whom you'll need to either contract or hire.

This new environment is forcing senior management, information officers and financial officers in the increasingly frenetic C-Suite to communicate more frequently and openly than ever before.

Several IT Whitepapers follow for your information. In order to access each of these as a PDF download, you will either have to fill in an annoying form, or log in (much, much simpler) using your LinkedIn account. If you don't already have a LinkedIn account, you can get one by going to My LinkedIn Account. If you do have a LinkedIn account, please click on the hyperlink in the previous sentence and join my network if you'd like - you are cordially invited and encouraged.

Please feel at liberty to download these PDFs and store them for your reading at some later time, but please do return to this article in The Business And Project Planning And Management Blog .


IT Whitepapers Featured Five

5 Trends That Will Impact Your IT Planning in 2012
Many of the IT trends that your organization will tackle in 2012 aren't new, but that doesn't mean your IT staff can sit still while technology continues to evolve. Virtualization has been on the radar of IT professionals for a number of years, and in 2012,  there's plenty of insight to be gained from a look at how businesses are using virtualization, why they're using virtualization and why some businesses still haven't taken the leap.

A Chief Information Security Officer's Guide for DLP Success
This white paper explores how chief information security officers (CISOs) view the state of mobile computing. Symantec commissioned an IDG CSO Quick Poll survey to explore mobility with CISOs. The survey asked CISOs about the importance of mobile enablement, policy updates, pertinent security practices, and how far they've come with securing mobility at their firms.

A Comprehensive Approach to User Virtualization
User virtualization ushers in a new era for IT by unlocking the user layer from devices, operating systems, and applications. For the first time, IT needs to manage only a single instance of the user, eliminating the arduous task of running unique configurations on every device.

10 Reasons to Modernize your Desktop

In today's competitive business landscape, users' needs are continuously changing. Employees want access to their data and applications anytime, anywhere, from any device. The journey to seamlessly integrate data and applications across all devices begins with desktop modernization.

5 Key Backup Features to Ensure a Successful Backup Redesign

This white paper provides a quick look at 5 of the top key features your backup software must possess to ensure success in restructuring your organization's backup strategy.


My view is that this constant change in technology with its increased advantages, dependencies and risks is, in a way, a positive phenomenon in that it is forcing all members of the business or project management team to learn to speak a bit of each others' respective languages, and to communicate with greater transparency and frequency. 

As a Global Futurist and a trend-spotter, I see this as an important adaptation to preparing for the traumatic shock associated with an uncertain future. To abuse a phrase (I enjoy doing this), it is a force which is compelling us to circle our wagons if we wish to survive. 

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