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IT: Aging Infrastructure's Hidden Costs - Don't Be Fooled...

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Following are 5 fabulous downloadable whitepapers from the IT Whitepapers Newsletter, an excellent source of information relating to IT, project management and program management.

While the orientation of the information is decidedly (and appropriately) technical, just skimming through these summaries offers meaningful insight into emerging technologies, cost-benefit analyses of various IT solutions and data center and data communications, storage, security and backup management.

The article which immediately hooked me concerned the hidden costs of retaining (patching and pasting, duct-taping and bandaging) aging IT systems in order to "continue to squeeze out productivity without making any further capital investment or incurring any further expense for as long as possible.

At first blush, this would seem to make sense, but the hidden costs, while piling up and steeply increasing with time and technological advancement, ultimately far outweigh the shorter-term cash-flow benefits. Some of these costs relate to: increasing corruption of processes and of database files; growing inefficiency; increasing incompatibility in terms of communications and compliance with the systems of other companies with which you may need to interact; and, of course, the opportunity costs and increasing exposure to a systems breakdown and a halt in production.

The Business And Project Planning And Management Blog is delighted to provide you with access to these whitepaper summaries and links.

ITwhitepapers Featured Five
IDC: The Cost of Retaining Aging IT Infrastructure
Is your company facing budget challenges that continue to delay the purchase of new platforms and technologies? A pattern of extending the useful lifecycle of servers may appear to have short-term financial benefits, but create long-term business impact. If the transition to new technologies has been deferred too long, your company may start experiencing hidden costs. Understand the true cost of keeping your aging IT infrastructure to make more informed decisions and meet your business needs.

2012 Endpoint Security Best Practices Survey: Key Findings
The threat landscape is evolving as cybercriminals become more sophisticated, stealthy and insidious with their attacks. The traditional endpoint security tool - antivirus software - is no longer effective on a stand-alone basis. The 2012 Endpoint Security Best Practices Survey assessed how IT is coping with endpoint security. Download this white paper to review the findings.

15 Top Paying IT Certifications for 2012
When the conversation amongst IT professionals turns to IT Certifications, one of their first thoughts is of high salaries - dollar signs dancing in their heads. While some certifications do command a six-figure salary, this is not true for all. With the recent completion of the annual IT Skills and Salary report, it is a great time to look at some of the more popular certifications - and their associated pay.

What Do Redeploys and Application Restarts Mean for Developers?
Could you imagine having to completely restart your computer every time you wanted to write, receive or send an email? When Java developers want to see the results of their code changes (e.g. adding a new feature, or fixing a bug), they have to redeploy their application, or restart their application server - a process that takes an average of 10.5 minutes away from each coding hour, according to a recent survey. This white paper reviews the costs of turnaround time in development teams and suggests a solution for eliminating this unnecessary process.

Backup and Recovery Performance and Best Practices for Oracle Exadata Database Machine
One of the key operational aspects of deploying a Sun Oracle Database Machine is to ensure that database backups are performed and restoration of the Oracle Database is possible if disaster strikes. This paper describes the best practices for setting up the optimal backup and recovery strategy to protect your mission-critical data.


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