Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Douglas E Castle Leaves TNNWC - 09.27.2011

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Public News Announcement
Douglas E Castle Leaves TNNWC to Pursue Other Interests
27th September, 2011 - Westchester, New York

Dear Friends, Readers And Colleagues:

This is one of the most difficult letters that I have had to write. While I am quite enthused about the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead, I am more than the slightest bit forlorn about what I am forced to leave behind.

Effective one week ago (29th September) I officially left my assignment with TNNWC Group, LLC and formally resigned from my duties as the Company's Acting Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

After much consideration, I have decided to pursue my own interests and passions in writing, speaking and strategic planning, as well as a number of my long-neglected hobbies and research in a number of areas. The prospect of working on my own is a daunting one, and I am grateful for the friendships and camaraderie which developed during my time invested with TNNWC, and continue to remain a source of inspiration and support.

This is both a timely and an amicable parting. I will continue to publish prolifically, and the rights to re-publication and re-printing of any of my syndicated blogs, RSS feeds and other content shall continue to be available, without restriction to TNNWC and Adam J. Kovitz, who remains a dear friend and shall be holding the reins at TNNWC.

I intend to remain actively engaged in my areas of business expertise domestically and internationally, and will be doing so on a very selective basis.

To those of you whose emails, networking invitations and requests to me have gone unanswered, please accept my profound apologies. I fully intend to get caught up with all of my delinquent correspondence during the next two weeks. Your patience with me is deeply appreciated. As a number of you might have surmised, things have been beyond hectic.

None of this constitutes any type of retirement; rather, it constitutes a renewed pledge to my own personal and professional growth, and to the next stage in the evolution of my life.

I wish each and all of my former associates at TNNWC and its affiliated companies the best of health, happiness and fulfillment in all of their endeavors. I am appreciative of the opportunity to be of service, and I am thankful for all that you have taught me.

With Great Respect,

Douglas E Castle


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